Wide Rectangle 3D Glass Photo

£57.99 GBP £139.99

Rectangle 3d Glass Photo Block

Immortalise your memories or special moments with a 3D glass photo in a rectangular shape. 

This unique keepsake uses modern laser engraved technology to immortalise your images into a crystal rectangle, creating an impressive 3D effect. Perfect as a memorial gift, for celebrations or simply as a personalised gift for loved ones to commemorate special occasions such as wedding days or graduations.

The wide rectangle format offers a unique depth and dimension to your photos, transforming them into a lifelike visual experience. This unique technique creates an optical illusion of your photo floating within the glass.

Our speedy and stress-free ordering system produces spectacular results. We ensure every 3D glass photo is perfect before it is shipped out - and you can even ask for a digital preview to ensure it is to your liking.
Your uploaded image is carefully and professionally transformed by talented artists to bring your photos to life. Each detail is skilfully encapsulated, creating the beautiful 3D representation encased in glass.

Available in 5 different sizes.