3D Crystal Photo - Dog Bone Shape - Made in UK

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Make Memories More Special with this 3D Crystal Photo Dog Bone

Preserve your dog's memories forever with this 3D Crystal Photo Dog Bone! Latest 3D imaging creates a custom bone shape to perfectly capture a single photo. Capture the unique bond with your puppy in this beautiful way. Save 10% on your 1st order.

Our 3D Crystal Photo in a Dog Bone shape is an exquisite piece of decor, personalised to your specifications. The 3D design gives it a lifelike effect, making it stand out as a centerpiece or a charming addition to any room. Designed to perfection, the crystal captures the light beautifully, adding a shimmering touch to your decor.

Capturing a precious moment inside a crystal is a unique way to keep it close, and with the added playful touch of a Dog Bone shape, you can say it even more. We took the concept of personalised gift to a new level by combining it with a 3D design, creating something truly astounding - a blend of art, sentiment, and playfulness that makes this 3D Crystal Photo a unique gift for all occasions.

The best surprise for any event always comes down to the details: the personal touch that shows you've thought about the person. A New 3D Crystal Photo in a Dog Bone shape is just that touch. It's more than just a gift. It’s a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.